Quality does not happen by itself, it must be recreated every day. Quality management is absolutely indispensable. At ARNDT IDC, we have set ourselves the goal to enhance our reputation for quality by fulfilling the standards agreed upon with our client, within legal boundaries and the recognised technical framework. To this end, we set up a quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001, which is audited both internally and externally. All of our employees are obliged to adhere to the standards of this system.

In the areas of quality, scheduling, results, cost effectiveness, performance, technology and reliability, ARNDT IDC wants to consistently achieve the best results. This involves:

  • Goal-oriented working in the interests of our employees, possible partners and clients,
  • Services for our clients in accordance with our contract,
  • The enforcement of safe and healthy working conditions, and the options for the further training of our employees,
  • Being a fair and reliable partner for the contracting authority, our customers, sub-contractors and suppliers

Our guidelines are the principles behind our actions. They are obligatory for us and provide an accountable basis for business relationships with our clients and partners.

Our guidelines

We live our guidelines, because our public image is inextricably linked to our daily conduct.

  • We are above-average when it comes to performance, in order to satisfy our clients and customers.
  • We ensure that our clients and employees have a positive experience co-operating with ARNDT IDC, which contributes to the distinct image of our company.
  • Our commitment is underpinned by the high standards of our client and his recognition of the performance of our employees.
  • We understand the requirements of our client in regular project discussions and personal conversations.
  • We optimise the benefits for our client by continuously improving our performance, drawing on innovative development
  • We train and strengthen the skills of our employees and encourage their professional advancement
  • We appreciate our social responsibilities towards our colleagues and employees.
  • We grant our colleagues responsibility for complex assignments and give them the necessary space to achieve the goals we agreed upon.
  • We appreciate our responsibility towards the natural environment.
  • We take appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of our colleagues and third parties when undertaking dangerous work.
  • We are in regular contact with the members of our teams, the client and cooperation partners.
  • If we make mistakes, we make an effort to find the cause and to fix it.

Comprehensive experience, competent and motivated colleagues, clear, but flexible organisational structures, safe work processes and a customer-oriented, innovative corporate culture enable us to tackle the increasing challenges which ARNDT IDC is confronted with on a daily basis in its areas of business.

Integrated quality management system at ARNDT IDC

All internal and external areas of our project handling are covered by a management system operated by ARNDT IDC. The internal functions include the service aspects of the projects. Also cooperation partners like other design companies or sub-contractor are tackled. The integrated system documentation ensures that the basic requirements to the management system of ARNDT IDC are met. It is compulsory in combination with the relevant instructions and supporting documents for all colleagues and external partners.

This management system is continually improved, in order to meet the demands of the clients and customers more effectively.

ARDT IDC Qualität